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A Brisbane Home Filled with Light and Treasured Collections

The living room is the first room you see when you enter the house. There are three different doors in the room, which have made for an interesting decorating challenge, but Nicolette has done a great job of balancing the needs of the room with the need to have a clear path to and from all the doors into other parts of the home. One of Nicolette's most prized possessions is this huge vintage Dhurrie rug that she found on Gumtree (Australia's equivalent to Craigslist) for, "an absolute song."

If there’s one thing that most city apartment-dwellers learn over the years, it’s that you have to give a little to get a little. Even the most beautiful of spaces come with quirks and challenges, but those are just part of the joy of living in an older building in a bustling city. Nicolette and Tom know a thing or two about living with a difficult but beautiful space, and they’ve managed to turn what could have been a difficult space to work with into a warm, welcoming home.
Photographer and documentary filmmaker Nicolette Johnson shares her Brisbane home with her fiance, Tom Dawson, who is studying IT networking. They came across this sunny apartment two years ago and loved the area (just a short walk from Tom’s school, as well as the Gallery of Modern Art, the Queensland Art Gallery, the science museum and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre). The home is filled with great art deco-era details and, because it’s a corner apartment, comes with stunning curved windows and walls. While all these details (crown molding, polished hardwood floors, original hardware) sold the apartment for Tom and Nicolette, they also had to work around some small and difficult layout challenges and a few rooms that are just big enough for a few pieces of furniture. But quirks aside, Nicolette and Tom love their space and feel like they’ve created a calm, private sanctuary away from busy city life. Between their shared love of travel collections and expert thrift-shop finds, they’ve managed to not just fill their home with beautiful things, but find a way to balance their desires for comfort and function with a creative and inspiring space. The space is still a work in progress, but Nicolette loves that. “Both of us are on a very tight budget and have been for the majority of our relationship, but we have managed to slowly pick up some great pieces here and there for a relatively insignificant amount of money. I think that’s how great collections are formed, slowly and deliberately.” I couldn’t agree more and am so thrilled to share a peek inside their sunny home today. xo, grace

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LED panel light fixtures – Modern and efficient home lighting ideas

led panel light original home lighting ideas
LED panel light fixtures are the ideal solution for the lighting of your home, especially if you want to create a beautiful and exotic, elegant and stylish, inspiring and unique interior.
LED lighting has been in use for quite a long time we will show you how you can use LED panels in your home. They are easily integrated into walls and ceilings and can be the main lighting fixture or a decorative ambient lighting. Functional and efficient, LED panels offer many advantages to the homeowners.

LED panel light fixtures harmless and eco-friendly home lighting solutions

modern LED panel light fixtures home lighting design
The immense popularity of LED panel light fixtures, besides the modern and sleek look, is due to the fact that they are very effective and eco-friendly. Unlike LED strip lighting, for example, LED panels evenly distribute the light at a very wide angle of 150 degrees.
modern kitchen lighting hanging led panel light contemporary kitchen
 This will allow you to illuminate a room entirely and evenly without dark or too bright areas. LED panels are offered with two types of light – warm white light, which is perfect for home lighting as it does not irritate the eyes and is close to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Cold white light is more suitable for offices or as commercial lighting.

Why choose LED panel light fixtures?

modern home lighting ideas LED panel light eco friendly lighting
There are many reasons to choose modern LED panel light fixtures. Here are just a few of them:
Ultraslim LED Panel modern home lighting ideas
LED panel light offers a high level of energy efficiency and a considerable saving on the electricity bill.
contemporary LED panel light fixtures home lighting ideas
Led panels have a long life, they are reliable and durable – the life span is up to 50 000 hours without the need for maintenance. The panels are easily and quickly placed, whether you embed them into a wall or ceiling.

Monday, December 21, 2015

8 Quick Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Car Interior

While you're rampaging through your spring cleaning checklist, don't forget to give your car a little TLC. Whether you're facing a mound of discarded coffee cups and drive-thru trailings or just a winter's worth of dust and dirt, here are 8 quick tips for cleaning your car's interior -- and keeping it that way!
1. Start by emptying everything out of your car: throw away garbage, bring those gym clothes inside, file away important receipts, get rid of that banana peel.
2. Remove your floor mats and give them a good shake outside. If they're rubber, wash them with warm soapy water, rinse, and let them dry. Otherwise, just leave 'em out for now; we'll get to them again later.
3. Use a microfiber cloth, a soft rag, or even baby wipes (which will leave an anti-static layer -- not for use on leather, of course) to wipe down the dashboard, air vents, door panels, etc.
4. Using a basic window cleaner (like Windex or this easy homemade cleanser) and a lint-free rag, wipe the inside of your windows. Don't forget your rear-view mirror, too!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Apple recalling iPhone 6 Pluses to correct their iSight

Apple is asking owners of its iPhone 6 Plus phablet to check the device’s serial number, because some batches of the device are producing blurry photos. Cupertino says the problem is attributable to “a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry.”

If that’s the case, entering your serial number here will reveal if you own one of the faulty devices or just need to find yourself a microfibre cloth and buff your phablet’s lens, The Register reported.

If your serial number comes up, Apple’s asking you to visit one of its stores or an authorised iFootler. Worthies there will somehow replace your camera.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Future of Lamp Posts

How Will Streetlights Function in the Future

Electric Storm

It is everywhere but it does not get noticed until it does not work. This is the sad story of Lamp Posts. One does not get to notice its existence until it ceases to exist or until the light bulb inside gets busted. San Diego LightningElectrician

While it is an ordinary part of any city, lamp posts continue to evolve. Lightning Electrician El Cajon. And if you do a research on the future of the lowly lamp post also known as streetlights, one will be amazed.

Santee 24 Hour Electrician. For instance, reported that Chicago is getting streetlights that double up as people counters and pollution trackers “They’ll collect environmental data like air quality, noise levels and wind, and they’ll also measure foot traffic by counting the number of passing cellphones. If the project takes off, Chicago officials could easily tell if air pollution is on the rise, or if a narrow sidewalk is creating a choke point.” Read more here. LightningElectrician Poway

The British Broadcasting Company on the other hand relates that In Glasgow, Scotland, they are looking at replacing all their lamp posts with LED light to save up on electricity consumption, they are also looking at automating it. Local coronado Electrician. “Glasgow wants to go further and has programmed them to increase in brightness if noise levels rise – for example if there is a disturbance in the area.” Read more here.

Electrician. American Mobile telecommunications giant Verizon meanwhile is setting its sights on coming up with streetlights that talk. “Intellistreets are wirelessly connected lamp posts that can create visual, audio and interactive cues for commuters. Digital screens can be affixed to the motion-sensor light fixtures to showcase ads or direct traffic.” Read more information about Intellistreets here.

Electrical Association. But traditional lamp posts ay still serve its purpose. Like in this video that we will be leaving with you. Watch the video of the dancing streetlights here.

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Four easy ways to lower your electricity bill

With the high cost of living nowadays, it is not a surprise that more and more families start to embrace a more frugal lifestyle. Utility bills eat up a huge chunk of the family budget and so it will be an ideal area to start saving on.
Here are four good ways to reduce home electricity costs:

1. Unplug appliances that are not being used. Although it is very inconvenient to keep on unplugging home appliances like big TV sets, encourages homeowners to completely unplug unused TVs, Computers and the like because they consume electricity even if they are not turned on.
“Did you know that your TVs are costing you a lot more than just your monthly cable bill? TVs are just one example of the vampire electronics which are all around your house which suck electricity up even when they are turned off.”

Here are four other tips that they have rounded up.

2. Turn down the thermostat. This is among the eight ways to cut electricity costs that outlined in this video. “The Department of Energy says you can save as much as 1 percent for every degree you set back, so if you are away for eight hours and you setback your thermostat by 10 degrees you can safe as much as 10 percent.” LightningElectric El Cajon, CA

3. Replace lightbulbs. encourages homeowners to replace their light bulbs with those that requires less energy. “Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs can make a big difference to your wallet. CFLs use 75% less energy than their incandescent alternatives, and can last years before needing to be replaced.” They have more tips here.

4. Install Ceiling Fans. says this technique works on both the winter season and the summer season. “Moving air tends to help you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, allowing for lower wintertime and higher summertime thermostat settings, in turn saving you a lot of money on your bill. The effect is equivalent to about 4 Degrees Fahrenheit, and using less energy than air conditioners and furnaces in doing so.” has more tips for you here.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips to save on energy costs, a good way to ensure your electricity bills would not sky-rocket is to regularly maintain your home electrical system. By having a regular maintenance schedule you get to avoid more expensive electricity related costs that could bore a hole in your pocket.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 Sinful Habits That Are Stopping You From Losing Weight

We all love to have a perfectly-toned body, but not all of us are blessed with one! And, that is what makes us follow a strict diet plan or a rigorous workout session regularly. But, what if even following all these things religiously does not work?
Well, if you too face this problem and are looking for its solution, then we have something to share with you. There are some bad habits that actually affect your metabolism and stop you from losing weight. Surprised! So, let us find out what they are:

#1. Staying up till late

Depriving yourself of a healthy sleep is simply not good for your intention to lose weight. Sleep deprivation causes the imbalance of two hormones in your body- leptin and ghrelin. Leptin sends signals to brain that you are full after you eat, and ghrelin stimulates hunger. Due to lack of sleep, the quantity of leptin decreases in your body, and the ghrelin levels increase. And, you indulge in late-night eating habits. So, to avoid this, make sure you take around seven hours of sleep every day.

#2. Eating very fast

You might not have paid attention to this, but the speed with which you eat also matters a lot. Even the doctors always suggest that the food should be chewed food 30-40 times before swallowing. This is because, once you start eating, your stomach takes around 20-30 minutes to let your brain know that it is full. And, if you will eat too fast, you will end up eating beyond the point at which you actually would have been full. So, take out sufficient time to eat and chew your food properly.

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